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The manufacturing limits of the vehicle are determined by the vehicle manufacturer and can include parts, services, or components thereof provided by other manufacturers which have their own limits.  By having the performance software loaded into your vehicle, you understand and agree that Singh MotorGhar cannot accept any liability or claim from use which is outside of the standard manufacturing limits. 


All of the performance software Singh MotorGhar sells are for off road and/or racing use only and have not been tested or approved by any federal or local governing agencies and are not approved or recommended for street use. 


Understanding the legal requirements or legal limitation regarding the use of this performance software is the sole responsibility of the user.  Road racing, aggressive driving, including driving for any period of time at full throttle, and vehicle modifications of any kind that facilitate aggressive driving may reduce the useful life of the vehicle and any of its wearable parts.  This includes any consequential component failure to the vehicle, damage to the property, or persons including loss of life.  The user assumes all these risks. 


All sales are final, no refund, and no warranty is expressed or implied whatsoever.